Hey, there you are!  Welcome...

We are Tara and Susan, friends and co-founders with a shared love of ingredients and materials, the people that grow them, and the processes that turn them into great products.  In 2015 we started a small collection of products, rooted in Tara's retreat home in the Shenandoah Valley, as a way to connect more of you to those ingredients, people and place.  (Bread, pickles, jam, coffee...the essentials.)  Alongside our growing community, Common Good Things continues to create and share products and ideas to help you slow down, nourish your self and home, and thoughtfully care for the earth.

When we are not musing over herb-infused sea salts, neutral colors, or parenting strategies (for our four kiddos each), you might find us sipping decaf or great wine, trying to keep our honeybees alive, or lamenting the state of domestic recycling (best done over aforementioned wine).  We love what we do, and we love doing it together.  Take a peek around, linger a while if you'd like...we hope you'll find some good things that bring you delight in your everyday.

We are delighted that you're here!